Quantic® Electronics to Showcase Mission-Critical Electronics at the 2023 International Microwave Symposium

Quantic® Electronics today announced that it will exhibit at the 2023 International Microwave Symposium (“IMS”) in San Diego, California, June 13th-15th. Experts from Quantic and their businesses Quantic Corry, Quantic Eulex, Quantic Evans, Quantic MWD (Microwave Dynamics), Quantic Ohmega, Quantic Paktron, Quantic PMI (Planar Monolithics), Quantic Ticer, Quantic TRM, Quantic UTC, Quantic Wenzel and Quantic X-Microwave will be showcasing a wide range of products and solutions in Booth #1947.

Quantic is defining and delivering the future of mission-critical electronics with our portfolio of mission-critical RF & microwave, capacitor, resistor, magnetic and sensing products. Our reliable, off-the-shelf and purpose-built components and integrated assemblies provide customers with a quantum improvement in speed, power, and density.

Visit Booth #1947 to learn more about our solutions:

RF & Microwave:

  • 3U OpenVPX SOSA-aligned card assemblies & quick-turn prototypes
  • 20,000+ COTS RF/MW components across all BUs
  • Flexible RF/MW drop-in components “X-MWblocks” for rapid prototyping
  • Custom designed passive and active RF/MW solutions, including RF filters, multiplexers and RF switching products
  • COTS DROs and PLOs designed for optimal performance in space & defense applications
  • Custom, high-reliability RF/MW components and subsystems
  • Ultra-low phase noise crystal oscillators, frequency sources, and integrated microwave assemblies to 30 GHz and beyond
  • Demonstrations of frequency control components and assemblies under vibration

Power Products:

  • Patented ceramic capacitors for next generation RF/MW applications
  • Power-dense hybrid tantalum capacitors ideal for pulsed power space applications
  • Thin film resistor foils (OhmegaPly®, TCR®, and TCR-EHF®)

Quantic will also present three MicroApps sessions:

  • Introducing a Patented Ceramic Capacitor for Next Gen RFMW
    • Wednesday June 14th, 3:15 PM
    • Euan Armstrong & Alex Moalemi, Co-Founders, Quantic Eulex
  • Practical Design Guidance to Avoid Multipaction in RF Devices
    • Thursday June 15th, 1:45 PM
    • Shaun Moore, CTO, Quantic TRM
  • Crystal Oscillators for Low Earth Orbit Applications, What You Need to Know
    • Thursday June 15th, 2:45 PM
    • Michael Sawicki, Space Sales Engineer, Quantic Wenzel

To schedule a meeting or to learn more, contact Quantic at inquiries@quanticnow.com

About Quantic Electronics
Quantic is an electronic component company focused on defining and delivering the future of mission-critical electronics. We have over a century of combined experience as reliable problem-solvers and trusted partners in military, aerospace, industrial and commercial markets.


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May 24, 2023

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